To all those viewing our new website when was the last time you did a Chemical Audit or Inspection at your work site? Do you know what you’re required to do by law? If not take a look at Part 5 of the Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 1996. Rather than taking someone away from their daily tasks why not give us a call and get us to count your chemicals for you and create your chemical register. We can also provide tips or training on Risk Assessments for Hazardous Substances, Placarding Requirements – Dangerous Goods and using Chemwatch to house Chemical Register (manifest) and maintain your MSDS, etc.Many workplaces wait for something to go wrong (an incident) before they call us for help, instead use us to help prevent an accident from occurring. We can provide you with relevant industry Risk Mitigation strategies that if put in place will reduce workers exposure to a workplace hazard.
If your company is still using a paper based OSHMS (lots of folders) why not look at a paperless OSHMS, it is a lot more cost effective than you might have though. What about $50.00 p/a, real time, cloud based with access for 4 simultaneous users and using the Google Platform. Access can be via Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC and information can be added to the system online or offline. We can audit your current OSHMS and input your forms, documents, procedures and presentations into the system so that your workers are familiar with the content. A tablet can be mounted on a wall in your work site for ease of access.Our goal is to try and make safety in the workplace simple, yet effective. If safety is complex history will tell us that people won’t do it. Make it like “Social Media” and everyone will jump on board.

Tim Hutchins

Principal OSH Consultant & Trainer

SOS-Switched Onto Safety