Ladder Safety – It Seems Simple!

1st November 2016

By: Megan LeNoir

Ladder Safety, it seems a simple enough concept, however a report released by Safe Work Australia in 2013 (Work-Related Injuries and Fatalities Involving a Fall from Height, Australia, Safe Work Australia October 2013) showed that despite increased awareness of workplace safety and health risks, there was no decrease in the number of fatalities from falls from heights between 2003 to 2011.

The Construction industry was the worst with 37% of these fatalities and in fact 16% occur when working on a ladder. This was the highest. From the statistics, we can see that the majority of falls from ladders happen in the 2 3 metre height range.

These results are to do with fatalities, how many serious injuries occur related to falling from ladders.laddersafety2

I believe people have the mentality that it will never happen to me, yet this type of incident can happen so quickly and easily.

When we are at work or at home, we should be asking ourselves:

  • Is this the right type of ladder for the job?
  • Is this ladder damaged / worn?
  • Can I maintain 3 points of contact when using the ladder?
  • Is the ladder being used in the manner it was intended?
  • Is the ladder place correctly?
  • Is the ladder secure (top and bottom)?

These are just some points we should be considering.

The consequences of falling from a ladder can be serious, even fatal, so please dont take climbing a ladder lightly, as many people seem to do!