Do our clients know what their needs are in relation to OSH, Risk Management, Quality and Environment?

Megan LeNoir Ė Monday 13th June 2016.

During our recent meetings in the office, it came to our attention that we use a variety of methods including our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc to let everyone know what we do. However, this information may not be clear as to how these services could be used in relation to your organisation. I believe this would be quite a valid statement for many consulting / auditing companies.

So we thought we would ask some questions so you can see what sounds familiar to you or your organisation.

  • You are looking for or think you need a specialist OSH, Risk Management, Quality or Environmental advice / assistance (perhaps in a hurry), but donít know who to use?
  • You have a new client / contract but are struggling with the requirements / specifications, where do you get advice / assistance from?
  • You are a small business and know you have OSH requirements to meet but not sure how to go about meeting them. Have you looked at sharing an OSH Consultant (ie you donít need someone full time)?
  • Need some in-house (non-accredited) training? We customize.
  • Need help with or a review of your risk management, OSH, quality and / or environmental processes to meet legal requirements.
  • Looking for someone on a needs-be-basis to conduct Site Safety Compliance Audits / Inspections
  • Looking for a simple system to help manage your hazardous substances / dangerous goods.


Do you think these questions help you to understand how we can assist, by identifying some real situations?

The other things we had been discussing in our meeting is that we would like to include in our blogs information that potential clients / clients would find useful. So we are asking for people to comment or email us about topics / information that they feel would be useful or want to know more about. We want to change this blogs approach from what we think people out there want to know about, to what people out there tell us what they want to know about, so hereís your opportunity.

Changing the subject, letís talk about chemicals. Who knows how GHS (Globally Harmonised System of classification ad Labelling of Chemicals) will affect you as an end user, Manufacturer, Importer or Supplier? Have you thought about this as yet? The 1st January 2017 is coming up fast. We are going to talk about this further as the time comes closer. It is important! Why?