Chemicals Management When and Where you need it!

With a database of more than 50 Million Vendor (M)SDS and powerful tools to manage (M)SDS and their updates, Chemwatch is the trusted (M)SDS Management provider to more than 5,000 organisations, globally. Chemwatch maintains a team of Emergency Response Experts, available 24/7 in 150 Languages, GLOBALLY. This service is operated by an experienced team of Toxicologists, Environmental scientists, Chemists and Medical Doctors with 24/7 access to the world’s largest library of Chemical information.

Chemwatch has released SmartSuite 2 APP, an upgrade to the original SmartSuite Platform. This system provides Chemicals Management tools on location (in the field), when are where required at a moment notice. It allows Chemwatch users to access extensive Chemical Health and Safety information as well as perform Control Banding Risk Assessments and generate reports, immediately.

SmartSUITE allows you to access:

  • Vendor (M)SDS Library exceeding 50 million documents
  • Vender Technical data sheets (SmartV)
  • Chemwatch Gold MSDS (SmartSDS) – in 47 Languages
  • Chemwatch Hazard Assessments – MINI MSDS (SmartMINI) – in 47 Languages
  • Chemical Emergency Response Guide (SmartER)
  • Chemical Risk Assessment module (SmartCOBRA)
  • Access to generated Risk Assessment Reports

With SmartSUITE, you can also:

  • Share documents using your e-mail account
  • Sync chemical inventory to and from the Cloud (your Chemwatch account)

If you would like to know more, drop us a line on (08) 9295 0311 or email us at

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