Accredited Mass Management Scheme in Western Australia


The time is drawing nearer for transport operators to transition over to Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS) in Western Australia.

As of the 26th of April 2016, the CWMMS and CLBPS permits will expire and AMMS will come into play.

All operators (previously with CWMMS or CLBPS Permits) will need to apply for AMMS permits.

In order to do this, operators must be accredited under the WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Mass Management Module.

Applicants seeking to participate in the accredited Mass Management Scheme must submit an entry audit.

The AMMS requires the applicant to demonstrate their capacity to comply with the mass management standards as stipulated in their loading plans for each loading point.

This new scheme was developed in conjunction with the Ministerial Heavy Vehicle Advisory Panel with the purpose of providing:

  • An efficient concessional loading scheme;
  • A network approach;
  • Road infrastructure protection and sustainability; and
  • greater flexibility in the type of loading controls used.

AMMS allows for three (3) concessional mass tiers that are available to transport operators that have appropriate loading control methods.

The scheme does not prescribe the specific loading control methods that must be used, therefore, any proven loading control method can be used for any type of load. The loading control methods must be in place from the time of permit application and auditable records and documents must be kept to demonstrate compliance from this time.

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