Having operated SOS-Switched Onto Safety for 21 years we are excited to announce that we are now a certified VAULT Partner.

VAULT Intelligence is one platform for all your Health and Safety Management needs.

VAULT combines the best practice of health, safety, risk management and compliance in this one comprehensive platform.

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Vault's tools can help you achieve compliance standards,  protecting and future-proofing your business.

Businesses of all sizes can use Vault's tools to meet their health, safety and risk management needs.

Create a powerful line of communication between staff on the ground and your executive team

With Vault's innovative mobile apps, your people on the ground will be the yes and ears of your Risk, Health and Safety strategies.

No longer will critical information be lost due to long processes and complicated levels of reporting.

Vault Apps create a powerful line of communication between staff on the ground and the executive team.

All Operating Systems - Mobile and Tablet Optimised - Cloud Based - Online and Offline Use - Security Guaranteed

Vault's Contractor Management System. This is what we are really excited. Contractor Management is a high focal point for us at SOS-Switched Onto Safety as it is a big area when we Audit organisations and also set up systems for organisations. Vault's Contractor Management System gives you the ability to manage contractors and sub-contractors with consistency and transparency, whether you're in the office or onsite.

Find out more about its functions including: Pre Qualify Contractors - Ongoing Compliance - Issue Inductions - Project Manage with Full Visibility - Know when People are allowed onsite.



A culture of safety needs to be nurtured by strong leadership. It takes thorough communication, commitment and follow through to get staff on board and keep them engaged.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can assist you in creating a safer, healthier workplace, contact us  or fill in the contact form.

For further information regarding VAULT go to www.vaultintel.com.