Work Health, Safety and Quality and Environmental Risk Management

Our Services

Our Work Health and Safety Quality and Environment (WHSQE) Consultants and Auditors provide a wide range of customised risk management services throughout Australia and abroad including, but not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning and Management Coaching
  • Management Systems Design and Development
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Gap Analysis Audits
  • Exemplar Global WHSMS, Quality and Environmental Audits
  • Mass Management / Loading and Dimension / Chain of Responsibility Systems
  • Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Systems - Fatigue and Maintenance
  • Chemwatch – Chemical Management System Agents and Trainers
  • Chemical Management Systems and Inventory Audits (Turn Key Service)
  • Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessment Training
  • Partner with Independent Verifiers and Independent Certifiers (Contract Audtiors)
  • Safe Design Procedures, Assessments, Training and Workshop Facilitation
  • Mining and Exploration Project Risk Management Plans
  • Project / Relief Personnel
  • Safety Leadership Training and assessment
  • Safe Behaviour Observations
  • Risk Assessment (CRAW)
  • Qualified & Independent Incident Investigators
  • Mentoring Services
  • Due Diligence Presentations

Why us?

Celebrating 26 years in operation, SOS-Switched Onto Safety take pride in having a highly experienced and professional Consultation and Auditing team who can develop customised client-specific solutions across multiple industries.

Indeed, what sets SOS-Switched Onto Safety apart from other Risk Management Consultants is that all our consultants have had real life experiences in organisations such as yours. Our consultants bring with them relevant skills and experience to enable them to understand the complexities of your business.

By choosing SOS-Switched Onto Safety you will be partnered with an experienced, practical Risk Management Consultant who will assist in improving your organisation’s performance and creating a sustainable business model while not compromising productivity.

NOTE: At SOS-Switched Onto Safety we do not offer 'off the shelf' products or services. We customise our services in accordance with each client's specific needs / requirements.